[leafnode-list] Re: Error installing leafnode

Matthias Andree matthias.andree at gmx.de
Tue Jul 13 10:51:20 CEST 2010

Am 11.07.2010, 07:55 Uhr, schrieb Benjamin Esham:

> clemens fischer wrote:
>> Benjamin Esham wrote:
>> > With a little bit of ingenuity (a.k.a. "blind luck") I managed to get
>> > Leafnode working with Fink on Mac OS X 10.6.  I don't have the  
>> expertise
>> > to become the official maintainer of the Leafnode package for Fink,  
>> but
>> > perhaps my notes can help someone else to create a package.
>> Might as well post the _version_ of leafnode you got  8-)
> Well, I *suppose* so ;-)  I installed leafnode-1.10.0.rel, which is the
> version currently offered by Fink.

Euh, not good. That one is six years old and has two security
vulnerabilities that have been fixed since - and probably also some nasty
bugs that have been fixed since...

> Checking the Leafnode site I see that
> this is not the latest version possible; perhaps I'll try to create a  
> Fink version for 1.11.8.

Please do.

Could someone help me out with a patch that adds the .xml file, and
instructions, that I can then include in future releases?
     In doubt, produce a README-MACOSX file in asciidoc, DocBook XML, pod,
rst, or similar formats, possibly accompanied by the XML file for launchd
for the default install locations.

Thank you.

Matthias Andree

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