[leafnode-list] Moderated groups problem

Matthias Andree matthias.andree at gmx.de
Tue Sep 13 11:08:09 CEST 2005

David Aldred <nr at familyaldred.org.uk> writes:

> What I could really do with is a way of 'tracking' a message through the 
> system once I've hit 'post' in Knode.   Should it sit somewhere until the 
> next fetchnews run (even if it's supposed to be being sent by mail to a 
> moderator), or does (should!) the MTA send it off instantly?

It depends. If it has an Approved: header, it's treated just like a
regular post. If you happen to be a moderator for that group, that
should be fine if the upstream accepts your posts. If it doesn't have an
Approved: header, another case switch is made: if leafnode has the
moderator address, it mails it off immediately, if leafnode does not have
the moderator address, it queues the post for fetchnews.

NOTE! Leafnode will post articles without Approved: header to upstream
groups exactly once, to avoid flooding moderators with multiple copies
(one from each upstream server).

In your case, with the moderators entry, I'd think leafnode should mail
by itself (and immediately, as stated above). Note that leafnode expects
that your MTA is sendmail compatible and understands the "-oi" option --
check your logs if there have been errors from running the MTA. You can
see which MTA leafnode uses by running "leafnode-version".

HTH a bit with your debugging,

Matthias Andree

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