[leafnode-list] Date, time and logs

Server Admin admin at treenetnz.com
Mon Aug 8 17:13:15 CEST 2005

Matthias Andree wrote:
> Werner Geuens <werner at geuens.org> writes:
>>I started leafnode a week ago on an old machine, to fetch news at night.
>>Works perfectly.
>>But I redirected the verbose output to a log, to keep an eye on it the first 
>>few weeks. I'd like to see a data/time added to the lines. Is there a option 
>>for that ?
> The best bet is to rely on syslog. README has hints how to configure
> syslog (see the TROUBLESHOOTING or DEBUGGING section), and as leafnode
> will log using the "news" facility, you can easily capture the logging
> into a separate file, and, as Adam suggested, use grep to sort the
> fetchnews logging from texpire or leafnode logging.

I encountered this problem earlier and even using syslog was unable to 
get all the info I needed.

Skipping that Q in sidewise:
  Is there some way to get the messages dropped and matching filter/line 
into the notices or info syslog level?

That would be _so_ helpful with a lot of self-adjusting filters. And I 
suspect what the original question was refering to that or other data 
only available through -v*

BTW, Debian current unstable version (leafnode 1.11.3.rel).


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